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The Gratitude Slam is a free group on Facebook. 

It serves as a daily reminder to discipline yourself to focus on the positive side of life. Enjoy interactive questions, insights, and videos dedicated to helping you “live life on your terms.” 

Though the Gratitude Slam is open to all people and all industries, it hosts hundreds of other dance educators and performers, just like you. Join this online community and gift yourself with the self-care and self-reflection you deserve!


Michael is proud to partner with ConQuest, where he gets to combine his two worlds: his current work as a professional Leadership & Life Coach + his prior 20 years of tour management for Dance Competitions & Broadway Bus & Truck tours.

Michael is best known for his coaching ability to help people regain control in their lives by focusing on three primary areas: relationship with self, relationship with others, and managerial excellence.

His unique ability to coach the owners and staff of dance studios as well as dance competition companies is enriched by his corporate coaching experience with clients including Epic Games/Fortnite, World Economic Forum, The Madison Square Garden Company, and Sesame Workshop.

In addition to founding Gratitude Slam, Michael also runs an online group coaching course called “Life On Your Terms.”

A long-time resident of New York City where he lives with his wife Lauren, Michael is never far from a good cup of tea.

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COURSE: Life on Your Terms – For The Dance Industry

Learn how to experience the freedom of fully being yourself without feeling guilt or doubt.

Join us each day of the conference in this ConQuest exclusive 3-part series! 


“Life On Your Terms” is an online group coaching experience for the superheroes of the world, who are holding things together for everyone but have a hard time recognizing and prioritizing their own needs. You will be taught why your mind is sabotaging you from fully living your life’s purpose, and how to put yourself first, without guilt, so that you can show-up even stronger for those around you.



  • Reconnect to your passion, purpose & fulfillment

  • Build the habit of a positive mindset, even in the most challenging moments

  • Train your mind to be less reactive in difficult situations

  • Identify & move towards your life and career goals

  • Enhance the quality of your communication and relationships with others


We will meet in an interactive classroom setting over Zoom.  You will practice in a group in digital breakout rooms throughout the live meetings. You will also receive optional assignments to experiment with between each session.



– NAVIGATING UNCERTAINTY: You will be able to better navigate the world’s current climate of constant change. Instead of being thrown into a heightened state of threat, you will be able to shift your focus to the areas of life you do have control over. You will also be able to serve your dance family as they, too, experience today’s uncertainty.


– LEADING WITH IMPACT: You will learn new actions you can immediately take to be a more impactful leader for yourself, your family and friends, your work, and your dance community.


– (RE)DEFINING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE: You will possess greater clarity on what is most important to you as a dance professional so that you can serve your highest purpose in your dance and personal worlds. Yes, you will create more fulfillment, even in your current circumstances.

– UNDERSTANDING HOW TO HARNESS EMOTIONS: You will have the ability to catch yourself before or after you get triggered into a state of fight, flight, or freeze. You will be able to increase your ability to communicate with anyone without fear of disappointing or upsetting them.


– HARNESSING POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY: You will have a greater understanding of how the human mind can easily sabotage itself. Here we will cover how to leverage brain science to find more positive opportunities each day.

Receive a Self-Leadership Level-1 Certificate for completing all three parts of the "Life On Your Terms" workshop at ConQuest

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Testimonials by Other Dance Industry Professional Who Took This Course:



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– “Positive life shifts, new perspectives and a true sense of community are just a few of the profound benefits that I gained from participating in LOYT. At a time when I felt like my world was crumbling right before me, this opportunity revealed itself. The process was full of ‘ah-ha!’ moments, raw emotion, and enlightenment. Michael created a group space that was safe and accepting. I felt very comfortable being open and vulnerable with people I have never met and was moved by their vulnerability. Learning from others’ experiences was an invaluable part of the course and I look forward to continuing my journey with my new community in LOYT” – 

Anne, VA

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– “This program was a game-changer. In only four weeks, I felt monumental shifts in my perspective. I was always a giver and a people-pleaser. I learned the importance of self-care, flipping the switch to not being reactive to situations, and setting goals in my life. I was able to work with my building manager to find a solution to a crisis as well as negotiate with two of my bosses to let them know they were making unreasonable demands on my time without proper compensation. I am becoming more assertive without taking others for granted. I am grateful for everything I have and am experiencing positive feedback as a result. Michael's examples and personalized attention, when needed, really made the program come alive for me. I am forever in his debt.” – 

Mary Ellen, MA

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– “Having met Michael on more than one occasion now, and participating in his seminars, I feel ready to work on myself, and the world after an hour. He is a dose of adrenaline that my life needs on a more regular basis!” – 


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