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Our mission is to reconnect and inspire the dance community through individual growth, industry collaboration and continuous learning. 

ConQuest is dedicated to providing an interactive platform for members of the dance community to unite, educate, inspire, and grow together. We are a virtual conference that will feature workshops, interactive panels with Q & A’s and moderated peer round tables focused on our attendees overall growth. We will also feature Master Classes in a variety of genres to get everyone moving and feeling creative/invigorated!


ConQuest will host a unique program for our youth dancers under 18. Our goal is to provide them with the same opportunities to unite, educate, inspire, and grow together as their mentors. We will have a workshop and 2 master classes focused specifically on engaging young dancers and growing them into our future leaders.

Why Attend?

  • Become a better leader 

  • Re-Connect with the dance community and your peers

  • Take some time to be the best version of YOU

  • Build new relationships and connect with your peers

  • Studio Owners: Enhance & grow your business

  • Performers and Teachers: Ongoing growth & learning

  • Solidify your path to the new normal

  • Discover new talents and ideas

  • Get Inspired! Get Creative! 



  • Studio Owners

  • Choreographers

  • Teachers

  • Competition Directors

  • Performers

  • Studio Office Managers

  • Dance Professionals

  • Anyone who loves dance and wants to grow!

  • *Special Program For Dancers Under 18*

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